14 Sep 14 at 3 am
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got invited to my very first college rager tonight ūüėéūüėéūüėé

but instead i decided to eat pizza and play super smash bros with jack

much better use of my time i think

09 Sep 14 at 10 pm

Streamers - Wave Racer

welp… it would appear there is an entire sub-genre of music not only heavily influenced by video game soundtracks, but more specifically, Wave Race.

or i’m just really good at stumbling upon every artist who draws inspiration from the video game that i have tattooed on my body.

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08 Sep 14 at 3 pm

lol. this photoset makes me laugh so hard. especially the last picture.

08 Sep 14 at 10 am


Evan Peters as Jimmy Darling: The Lobster Boy, son of The Bearded Lady and The Strong Man and a performer in the freak show

08 Sep 14 at 10 am


American Horror Story: Freak Show Extended Trailer. October 8 FX! 

searched the tag “period” in hopes of finding a humorous gif of some sort about the horrors of my period.

instead found a lot of “period porn”

people are so fucking gross.

06 Sep 14 at 1 am
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  • beautiful campus:
         arboretum, bridge, modern architecture, clean, safe, free gym
  • hanging with mara just about everyday
  • spending lots of time with jack
  • having constant air conditioning
  • grand rapids:
         pretty, clean, big but not too big, relatively safe, trendy but not so
    ¬† ¬† ¬†much that it’s annoying
  • decorating the apartment how we like
  • Grand Haven is 30 minutes away
  • Chicago is just over 2 hours away


  • shitty food/making your own meals:
         cafeteria sucks + no decent home cooked meals. lots of
         sandwiches and frozen dinners
  • walking till your fucking legs fall off (can’t wait till winter when i freeze to death.)
  • awful, crowded buses
  • awful, annoying, immature college kids EVERYWHERE
  • school work
  • cleaning the apartment
  • missing my parents
  • missing my house
  • missing my room
  • missing my dog ):
  • NEVER actually getting a good night’s sleep (not even 1 fucking night)
  • shitty mattress
  • doing laundry
  • not having a car:
    ¬† ¬† ¬†can’t go places when i want, i love/really miss driving
  • never being alone… there are people all around you, all the time
31 Aug 14 at 11 pm

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boys like curves

how about

"beauty is subjective and all boys have different turn ons. and all sizes can be beautiful. and no matter your size, there are guys out there who will think you’re beautiful. and if your skinny its okay and if your curvy its okay. just be healthy and just be you."

24 Aug 14 at 4 pm



23 Aug 14 at 2 am
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and may i add, either Bret or Donte has amazing stamina.